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More than play

Indoor Daycare

Dogs love to play and have fun. Daycare is a great outlet for this, providing a safe, supervised environmnet. They get plenty of exercise which will help your dog be more content and relaxed at home. Our clients report improvements with house behavior, manners as well as behavior issues.

Supervisors are A.P.D.T. members as well as CGC and S.T.A.R. puppy evaluators with 25+ years experience.


Our Daycare Includes:

• Allows your dog to play with others

• Supervised play

• Reinforced basic commands and manners

• Great outlet for “latch key” dogs

• Puppy crate training

• Heated and air conditioned

• Rubber matted floors for safety

Who Can Attend?

Your Dog is Qualified if he or she is:

• Parasite free

• Current on vaccinations as recommended by your vet

• Is in good health

• Is dog and people friendly

• Has toenails maintained short for safety

Late pick up is available for MYM students on class nights.  Call for reservations now!

 the benefitsADD-ON Enrichment

Enrichment Add-Ons

  • Puppy Crate Training
  • Treadmill
  • Nap Time with Chew Toys
  • Nail Trims – Must Have Signed Wavier
  • Brush Out
  • Bath
  • Fit Paws

Our staff is available to discuss the benefits of our Add-Ons and how to schedule them into your dogs daily routine during daycare hours.




Upcoming Events

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